Coinomia Review – Scam Or Legit! $10,000 Per Month Possible!

Coinomia Review – Scam Or Legit! $10,000 Per Month Possible!

Coinomia MLM opportunity

Coinomia MLM opportunity










  • Brand new
  • Easy to invite members
  • Powerful lead capture pages
  • Multiple streams of incomes


  • MLM does not go well for starters
  • High investment for starters
  • Must know internet Marketing
  • Free account validity is only 24 hours

Coinomia MLM Opportunity Shocking The World!

Thank you for stopping by to find out Coinomia MLM program. In this Coinomia review, I’ll cover some basic information which is the ‘must and should’ before you joining Coinomia BTC/mining MLM program. was referred by one of my sponsors who is actively working on different high paying income opportunities. I believed whatever programs he introduced me but being a blogger I always go through the offer before laying hands on it.
So what was my conclusion!
Keep reading buddies…
Some cases joining on a new or when they are about to launch is good to go because if the program continues to function then you can earn a lot of money. So in this post, I am about to shed some basic info and then my final thoughts.

Here’re The Topics I’m About To Cover

What is Coinomia BTC mining!
How to join in
What are they ways to make money in Coinomia?
Coinomia’s income potential as a free member
And my final thoughts on Coinomia MLM program.

So What Is Bitcoin Is Actually!

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency which is not owned, controlled or managed by any of the government, kings or any powerful organization. Bitcoin is not printed in banks and is not produced against gold. It is the most popular decentralized digital currency which is now used worldwide as a medium of exchange.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where the encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency.

What Is Coinomia BTC Mining – MLM!

Coinomia is a simple website platform and this is where you’ll be given an access to join. Coinomia has basically launched its MLM program under BTC or bitcoin but not in dollar currency that you’re familiar with.
So it’s a system that allows people join through and make a purchase according to the investment plan, they call it ‘contract’ which in another word ‘investment plan or membership cost’. Finally, you earn commission for the investment as well as bringing new members into this system. That’s it.

There Are Three Types Of Investment Plan In Coinomia MLM Program

Pool contract – $100 Machine
Machine contract – $1,000
Rack contract $10,000
Each plan will earn you commission according to the compensation plans announced officially.
Coinomia - Three Types Of Investment

Contact Info Of Coinomia

Coinomia Technology LTD
1 St Saviours Wharf, 23 Mill Street, London
SE1 2BE, 02031290842

Benefit Of Joining In Coinomia MLM Opportunity

As per the Coinomia, there are four benefits of joining with them.
Mine in Multiple Cryptocurrencies! – The best way to do mine in multiple Cryptocurrencies. If you’re familiar to this then you can benefit a lot from this.
Use Virtual Calculator for returns – Once you registered your Coinomia free account, you can actually get to understand how the income part work. There is an income calculator and pretty much throws up on where you’ll be standing and your monthly income.
Enjoy Daily Payouts – This is the most interesting part I can say because your earnings will be paid daily without holding anything in the tank.
Get Unlimited Support –  It says you get support on your issues but still Coinomia in the prelaunch so we’ll get to the claims only after the system being into a full operational mode.
Get Maximum returns – Coinomia offers multiple streams of income with multiple compensation plans so you earn a lot from it.
Refer & Earn – As  a free member you’ll be able to earn 5% of every user who upgrades their account.

There Are 4 Ways You Can Earn From Coinomia

Mining Income | Referral Commissions | Binary Income | Repurchase income
Referral Commissions
The time you introduce someone to Coinomia, you are eligible for a referral commission between 8% – 12%. Determination of commissions depends on the purchase made by you.
Binary Income
Binary Income is income from matching! As soon as the direct member joins the network, you get a direct referral commission upto 12%. (Depending upon his contract). As of now, when you already have 1 member under you in one of your Leg, you place the other one on the weaker leg to match the Potential Volume. Thus, by matching 1:1 PV, you get Additional $10 Binary commission for matching.
Repurchase Income
Repurchase Binary features table binary in the multiples of 3:3, 9:9, 27:27, 81:81, 243:243, 729:729, 2187:2187, 6561:6561. You can earn up to $65610 daily if you and your team perform the level best. To get the benefits of Repurchase, you need to repurchase the product and get incentives from your downline.

Coinomia Pros

The system – Coinomia is growing faster than the usual. The dashboard stats shows there are already – 10000+ free enrollees so it’s gaining momentum at a great pace.
Coinomia MLM is a brand new right now so you can get any number of contacts or affiliates in short time
There are multiple streams of income thus you can reach your monthly income goal in short period
The basic plan requires only $100, means most people can afford to join
Easy income calculator within the account so you can calculate and see how much you can potentially make per month
I had never seen systems that offering easy to convert sales/lead capture pages. Coinomia beat the competition in the entire low venturing business opportunities.

High Converting Lead Capture Page – Coinomia MLM

Lead capture page - Coinomia MLM

Coinomia Cons

This would be just opposite to what I said above. The $100 is not a perfect choice for starters.
We don’t know yet how the membership fee can be paid. If this was the only way to pay via Bitcoin account then I am sure many would find a hard time to upgrade. Not only that the starters might give up after the free account registration as it requires to transfer money from a card to bitcoin account.
You’ll be able to transfer/convert cash to bitcoin only by using a third-party website like – There are services/transaction charges incur for doing so.
The system is not a free to earn money in my opinion. As per the Coinomia official claim, you have to purchase the basic plan in order to get paid that 5% commission from your referrals. So being a free member is nothing and won’t get paid until upgrading your level.
There’s some catch there but understandable 🙂
Another disadvantage of this program is the validity of the free accounts. Referring people is not an easy task. When we push people joining in the program, most people do not upgrade immediately but the validity of the free account is only 24hrs so any free account after that will be deleted. So you lose all of your free members. When they rejoin, you’ll be nowhere in the picture.
Lastly, there is a payment withdrawal restriction to it which means you won’t be able to withdraw everything. This is another big minus to Coinomia MLM program.

Join here – Paypal Based Donation Program with maximum account validity

Conclusion To Coinomia

Honestly, I am not going to bash Coinomia MLM opportunity but I find some of the issues need to be resolved and fixed because I see cons indeed outweighing the pros.
Meaning… that there are so many things in the system is yet be officially cleared and fixed so you need to consider all before joining in Coinomia. Yes, it’s a fresh apple and you’ll get your people very fast so you can earn nicely. However, not all will be able to recruit people like seasonal marketers.
If you are someone thinking of joining, make sure you know something about online marketing. I have been getting a lot of emails from my downlines for other opportunities asking for a help as they either do not have any clue about online marketing or how to get people to sign up under their payline.
Well, I have been promoting a few good programs like Zarfund and the system works not entirely close to Coinomia but the cost is very less and requires only 2 people to make money $500-$10,000 per month easily.
Even though not everyone will be very successful at recruiting online. Therefore if you’re someone who just looking for an affordable system rather than paying $100 for Coinomia then I would recommend you to look at Zarfund or any similar program that require low investment.
For others, Coinomia can be a life changing MLM opportunity. Yet I don’t endorse anything as of now and the life of the system can be either a longer or shorter but sustainable, unlike rev share programs that create buzz and disappear. In my opinion, MLMs and affiliate programs tend to survive for many years.
I didn’t touch upon the whole compensation part because Coinomia is still in pre-launch so there would be some changes, never know so I’ll keep you posted once it official launched successfully.

Make $300-$2000/Month. Watch The Video Before You Decide To Leave-Try Commission Miner Today For Free!

For now, you can register as a free Coinomia member and get to know as what are the income streams and how much money potentially you can make with it.
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