Monetize Coin isn't just another lending platform it's a new generation of lending platform.

Get in early on the Monetize Coin Token sale, with only 500,000 MNZ Tokens available at the discounted pre-ICO price of $0.35 and a realistic target value of $10 by February, this is the easiest way to 30x your investment.
The pre-ICO sale has a minimum purchase of 100 and limited to 300 MNZ tokens per user
The pre-ICO sale ends on 20th January 2018, don't miss out....

Monetize Coin isn't just another lending platform it's a new generation of lending platform.
Simply put, it's the worlds most advanced monetization and lead generation system.
Our enterprise level, automated, machine learning, traffic arbitrage platform outperforms any so-called "volatility trading bots" for investor returns.
We have taken the idea of lending platforms, a fascinating way for a company to raise money from investors the world over and applied it to a real revenue generating company.
With full transparency and a real-time view of our traffic trading system, you can see the investments work for you.
Over the last 9 years, we have developed one of the worlds most advanced Pay Per Click/Programmatic display traffic monetization and lead generation systems.
A proprietary, automated, enterprise-level system that uses machine learning to arbitrage web traffic.
The MonetizeBot automated traffic arbitrage system was developed for a large online casino back in 2008, starting with a team of two developers and an online marketing specialist who left the company to take the idea further.
Since 2009 our UK based team has grown and the system has been developed significantly, we now have an in-house team of data scientists, frontend & backend developers, data analysts, network & infrastructure engineers, online marketers and conversion optimization specialists.
If you are involved in the affiliate marketing industry you may have met some of our team at the major affiliate conferences around the world over the last 10 years, we regularly attend Affiliate Summit, ad:tech, LeadsCon, DMEXCO and the Traffic & Conversion Summit.

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