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Hi. I'm partners of company Redex Red LTD.

The company is registered in London. The company is certified for operation and SSL certificate to protect against hackers.  The company is fully open and its creators are always in sight. It Golovaschenko Andrei and Alexander Kovalchuk.

The company is working with Bitcoin. It has its own Bitcoin wallet and exchanger.  

Services from the company Redex: 

- Bitcoin Wallet - unique Bitcoin wallet that will compete Blockchain.
- Hosting
- Landing Page
- Blogging service
- Website Builder
- Network online stores
- Webinar room
- Business school for startups
- Socio-economic network Bitcoin enthusiasts
- Bitcoin exchange
- Card to withdraw funds
- His Video Tube
- Branded store REDEX
- SMM-service
- To promote business platform
- His own Bitcoin - Crane

All these services you get . No monthly fee. This network in addition to its own innovation purse and provided services, has an excellent affiliate program. Just Marketing - The network is 100%. 

Entrance to the business account of one Bitcoin 0.005

See the instructions carefully and repeat these steps.

Our team uses a strategy of entry into the three accounts. 

What is the use of this strategy: 

- Income 3 times with each platform
- There closing platforms 3 times faster as partners should be 3 times less.

Marketing simple and very profitable. 

Your income at the exit of the platform:

1-0.16 Bitcoin on each account
2-1.04 Bitcoin 
3-4 Bitcoin 
4-8.244 Bitcoin 
5-138 Bitcoin 
6-440 Bitcoin 
7 Platform  1800 Bitcoin 

This revenue per account, but we have three accounts, and therefore the income from each site three times as much.

Bitcoin exchange rate is now $ 450 to analysts in July, it will be about $ 1000.

Have time to earn 5400 Bitcoins  and become a millionaire 

-What is REDEX?

Redex this affiliate program platform with services and information products or the system of accumulation of Bitcoin. Marketing itself is a hybrid matrix and binary.

-Whence the money? How to earn the participants and the company?

The company does not have a pyramidal bloated percent. Fans of HYIPs with buttons input and output is nothing to do here. There is a basic redistribution of funds through an affiliate program. People come, pay, use the "services" of the company and earn as desired. With regards to the earnings of the company: the project does not receive commission by transactions, as the others projects. Project administrators are at the top of the global total project platform (i.e. have their accounts with which it all began) and earn money as participants.

-What is the profitability of the company?

The difference between the opening value of the site and the award for, its closure of about 3200%. The period for which this happens depends on the activity of the participants.

-It's too late to enter the company?

Better late than never! Company exist about 3 months and now  the stage of development.

-I cannot invite people. Where to get people?

The Company has a system overflows. The company also provides services for the promotion of any business project. It will be possible to use these services. The company provides a premium account, which allows you to quickly close platforms.

-No money?

If there is no money (to buy Satoshi), they can be collected for free Bitcoin cranes, and soon a crane will be in the project.

I apologize in advance for the translation Smiley

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