1000 ACTN Token for registration actioncoin.io Rewards Program

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Requires registration with confirmation email.

Bonus 1.000 ACTN Token https://prnt.sc/h1eyplThe current ACTN is the amount of Action Coin ("Action") that each account will receive in the future in the block chain of actions. The action represents all items that have been earned or can be earned by members of the Action Rewards network. The action can be redeemed for discount vouchers traded with other users or saved for a rainy day.ACTN's tokens can be purchased on the NXT exchange market at current market rates.There is a referral odor of 1,000 ACTN Token per partnerRegister https://prnt.sc/h1eypl
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪actioncoin.io‬‏

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