Residual Bitcoin with a Helping Hand


Are you trying to build a Bitcoin Portfolio? 

Do you need a great place to advertise your Bitcoin Programs 
to a target Bitcoin Savvy audience? 

Well... I have the answer for you and it comes with a "Helping Hand"! 

Okay, here's the scoop: 

A brand new Bitcoin Advertising/Income Community has just launched 
and you can grab BEST Available Positioning in my downline NOW. 

You'll be able to earn in a powerful 3x10 Matrix, benefit from Matrix 
Match income from your direct referrals and even get a Helping Hand 
Rebate from the company if you need it. 

Plus, of course, every month, you'll get advertising credits that allow 
you to introduce your favorite Bitcoin program to the ever-growing audience 
in the community. 

Check it out NOW (or sooner) at the link below because you want to grab 
the BEST available spot in my downline. 

I am advertising this project heavily because I've always wanted to 
"Build Once and Earn for Years" and THIS is the program to do it and, yep, 
you might possibly be able to catch some of my spillover! 

Join, upgrade, then send this note out to your contacts and start building 
Your residual Bitcoin Income NOW! 

Let's do it together! 

Thanks, have a great day and I look forward to working with you. 
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