set up an account in payza and verify it

Payza is an online payment processor  Alternative to paypal. It is just like another online bank  where your money will be converted to your own currency . You can receive money from online through payza and from payza you can withdraw your funds to your bank account or debit card ( credit card).

If you are from a country where PayPal is not available then you can use payza is an alternative payment processor to receive money.  Here I will show you step by step method, how to create an account and how can you verify it. Because your account verification is necessary before you do any transaction.

For creating an account with payza you must have to choose a personnel account if you only want to receive and purchase online.

how to create an account in payza?

Follow the step by step guide to open an account with payza. First click the link below

or click the banner below
sign up with payza
Once click the banner you will enter into payza website. And then click on sign up option . See the image below

sign up, payza,

Next select personal
select personal account in payza

Then one new page will be opened, fill up your information details  and click on get started. 2016-04-01 07-44-35

Now check your email and verify it by clicking the link which you got from payza

Next complete your profile set up  and click on get started

next choose your industry and your job and then click on save and continue.

then fill up your personal address, and click on save and continue.

Then one new page will be opened and it will ask your phone number just fill up your phone number next click on save and continue.

One new page will be opened . It will ask your account protection. There you can select a security question and answer it. Like I have selected what is the name of your best childhood friend. Then i can write a name of my friend. It is import to remember this because incase your password has  been lost then you can set it through your security question and answers.

Then you can select a security pin(Transaction pin) which you can remember. Like I selected a four digit code 1234( according to your discretion) . Your security pin is important because while adding your bank account, or withdrawing money it will always ask your security pin.

Better you can write down your payza account details in a notebook like your email, password, security question and answer and your security pin so that you never forget it. Once you filled up all details just click on save and finish. Now its done.

how to add your  bank account in payza

Next log in to your payza account and update your profile information. Like your address, pin number, phone number. Once you done that, just click on your wallet and then click on bank account.
how to, add bank account in payza

Next add your bank account. Then it will ask your bank account number and bank Ifsc code.
add your bank account

Once you filled up all your information, then click on next.  After that you will find a new page showing your personal and bank information. Next click on add bank account. Then it will be added.

How to verify your payza account?

Before you receive money you must have to verify your account by uploading your country identity card and bank account. If you are from  India, then you need two things to verify your account.

1- A government-issued photo identification document,
For photo identification you need following document. Make sure that your name and date of birth are visible in that document.
  • pancard

2- A Proof of Address document
For proof of address you need any one from following documents.
  •  Bank statement
  • phone bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Ration card

For getting your Bank statement,  you have to move your bank and ask your bank employee for a Bank transaction letter or a bank statement. Now you can scan both pancard and bank statement in a cybercafe near to your locality. Then tell cybercafe owner to send your scan documents into your email. Now you can open your email and save the documents in any folder of your computer .

How to  submit your documents for verification? (India)

Follow the steps below.Once you logged in just click on your name, then you will find verification option. Next click on verification

payza, account , verification, howto

Next click on document validation

Then for photo id select pan card and click on choose file then select your pancard scan copy which you have saved in your computer folder. Like that for proof of address, select bank statement and click on choose file to upload your bank statement scan copy
pancard, bank statement, scan copy, verify, account, upload

Once you have uploaded your documents, they will review your documents, and within 24 hours your account will be verified. Then you can receive and send money through it.  Make sure that you have updated your address same as your address in bank statement.

Withdraw your funds from payza

For Indian members bank transfer,wire transfer, credit card ( debit card) transfer  is  available in payza. Use your suitable option to withdraw your funds .  But withdrawing fee is different for every option.
withdraw your money from payza to bank account,

If you want to withdraw through debit card or credit card then add your bank debit card which has logo visa. They do not accept debit card with logo master cards.  Only get a card from your bank which has logo VISA and then connect it in your payza account. You can also do transaction with unverified debit card  in payza.

Now you can join with payza by clicking the banner below

sign up with payza

Is payza safe?

Yes payza is one of the trusted online payment processor in Internet. I am doing transaction with payza for years and I have never faced any problem with payza. If any case you faced problem with your account then their support system will help you to solve your every problem. You can contact through their chart system, or you can contact through their facebook page.
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