Bitpaycoin on new algorithm (X15)

Bitpaycoin: Symcol: BP

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Algorithm: X15

Plan for the 2nd time of Bitpay

Coin sale : Start: 01-Nov-2017
Sale open: 2 hours per day (14h - 16h UTC +0)

Coin supply per day: 100.000
Total amount: 2.000.000 BP

Distribution price:

1. First 300.000BP: 1.5$/1BP
2. Next 400.000BP: 1.7$/1BP
3. Third 600.000BP: 1.9$/1BP
4. Last 700.000BP: 2.1$/1BP

Distribution page:
Exchange platform:

Sign up:

To participate in the investment you do the following:

B1- Select the wallet to recharge the bitcoin wallet
B2- Kich to deposit and transfer the bit
B3- into Investment and invest bitpay coin
You choose the investment package
B4 - daily to wallet on Profit wallet - tranfer to bitpaycoin use up $ you have to buy Bp at 20% discount from current price
Or go to commission áallet-tranfer to bitpaycoin buy Bp for $ 0.5$

Bitpaycoin trading on the exchanges (Coinexchange, novaexchange, Coinmarketcap, Worldcoin Index, Coingecko) prices are expected to be $ 5 to $ 10. After two to three months the price is expected to be around $ 20 to $ 50
Completed the first phase: 1 million coin
The second sale is from November 1 to November 22: 2 million coinsys

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