Privileges for HextraCoin’s owners!!

Since the HextraCoin has been launched to the market, the overwhelming response has been making us so appreciated.
To reward members who have been always supporting us, HextraCoin Gold will be specially distributed.
HextraCoin Gold (HXG) Details
1. The HextraCoin Gold (HXG) will be rewarded to the investors as the following conditions:
- For investors who have been held HextraCoin until December 25th, 2017. Every 4 HextraCoin (HXT) will reward 1 HextraCoin Gold (HXG) (4:1).
- Investors who lend HextraCoin with us until December 25th, 2017 will get special rate. The proportion will be changed to 2 HextraCoin (HXT) per 1 HextraCoin Gold (HXG) (2:1).
2. We take snapshot block on December 25th, 2017 11:59 p.m. (UTC).
3. You will receive HXG by airdrop method on January 1st, 2018.
4. HXG will be expired within 15 days after receiving the coins.
5. 1 HXG is equal to 20 USD.
6. HXG is served for lending only. After 30 days of lending, you will get the principle back with special interest rate.

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