Regal Coin Exploded this weekend!

This weekend saw some major interest in Regal 

Coins new lending platform. As most of you know already, Regal Coin is basically Bitconnect 2.0, and while there are some major and minor differences, their system is based on the same lending / interest platform as Bitconnect. Many people have discussed the possibility of this being some kind of scam, as they've also claimed about Bitconnect, but the BCC system has been running for nearly a year, and I have seen many proof of payment videos to show that Bitconnect has been on the 'up and up' so far. So, I took a chance on Regal, and bought some ICO coin. We all saw the spike in value on Saturday/Sunday, and yesterday I invested all of my coin into the system. Since then, the value has doubled, and I wish I had waited a little longer. Either way, the coin is already listed on coinmarketcap, and it has been steadily rising over the past day or so. Use my link and signup today. I'm not gonna try to sell you all on this by making any promises, as I know about as much as anyone else about this new coin and exchange, but let's give it a go, and see if it really is Bitconnect 2.0!
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