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Bitsupreme ICO Review            

The Bitsupreme ICO is under way with coins currently available for just $0.7.

What is Bitsupreme?

They're launching a new decentralized cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin which will allow users to make payment for goods and services or to transfer funds to friends and family. The main aspect of the new platform that will interest investors however is their lending platform which offers up to 45% interest per month.

The rise of cryptocurrencies and ICOs

This year has seen the biggest rise in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin leads the way with a current price of over $7,000. However many other altcoins have also caught up, Ethereum is now valued at over $300 and has made it easy for other alt coins to launch on their blockchain.
There's also been a huge rise in the amount of ICOs on offer, nearly $3 billion has been raised just this year with ICOs, many start ups now see it as a better way of funding over more traditional methods. An ICO (initial coin offering) means that cryptocurrency platforms offer tokens or coins for sale, often before the project has even started.

Cryptocurrency lending platforms

Many new industries have entered cryptocurrency. One of the most succesful so far has shown to be lending platforms. Bitconnect started the trend by offering their coins for just $0.5 each just a year ago, they're now worth over $250, giving investors a return of over 500x.
These lending platforms claim to make money by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in return for investors lending them money they offer a high rate of interest.

Bitsupreme lending platform

The new lending platform will start once the ICO has concluded. They plan to offer investors a choice of 4 different plans, with investments as low as $100 all the way up to $100,000. The amount of interest you earn will depend upon the amount you lend and the volatility of Bitcoin. Making loans results in your capital being locked away and returned between 90-180 days.

Bitsupreme ICO Details

The ICO is scheduled to run until the 28th of November with 5 million coins available for sale. The currency price is set to just $0.7, with it rising as more coins are sold.

Referral Program

The platform hopes to attract new investors from referrals. They offer users the chance to earn 8% on any loans that their referrals make, with additional bonuses for lower levels.

Staking and Mining

Bitsupreme also offers investors the chance to earn aditional funds by staking or mining their coins. Staking simply involves holding coins in your wallet, by doing this you'll earn interest.
Mining is what confirms transactions on the network. By setting your CPU or GPU to mine the new currency you'll be rewarded with coins depending on your power.


As with all ICOs this is a risky investment so make sure you don't invest more than you can afford to lose. I'm personally only investing $500 as I view it as a good calculated risk. There's a chance I may lose my entire investment. However their competitors such as Bitconnect have seen their coin price rise by over 500x so getting in early may bring the chance to replicate those sorts of results.
The platform states that they plan to list their coin on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The price should rise as soon as they get listed and once their lending platform is active.

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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪BITSUPREME ICO‬‏

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