MEC Coin will launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from 01 November 2017 to 30 November 2017

What is it MEC?

Just like Bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere in seconds, whenever and wherever you want. Money transfer with MEC can happen only with a smartphone's and internet connection.

MEC is not controlled by institutions or governments

The transaction of MEC is safe and anonymous. Each person is able to set a name or anonymous but the transaction can be checked by blockchain. You can transfer MEC to be kept in a MEC wallet just downloading MEC Wallet Application and this application is available for both ios and android.

The number of coins is limited

The number of MEC coins are limited only 5 million coins for worldwide. The digital financial nowadays is tendentious to be increasing for the value rapidly.

Initial coin offering

ICO Pre-sale
3.000.000 MEC
START November 01, 2017 UTC
END November 30, 2017 UTC

Bonus ICO:

After ICO we will launch lending program

MEC Specifications
Coin Type
POW/POS Hybrid
Coin Abbreviation
شاركه على جوجل بلس

عن Ashraf abd elshafi

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