5 BGC into your wallet for your lending use.BITGLARE COIN

 Yes bad rated at few sites. Some people say it’s great that they have an offensive plan. Fixed sale price after ICO and more. Yes domain only one year. I don’t care. All the rest looks good enough. 

PRE ICO start on 27th December 2017 (14:00 UTC+0) / ICO start 2nd Jan 2018
Total supply 18,000,000 BGC, coins on sales = 9,000,000 BGC with price start at $0.20

-From Pre ICO to ICO stage 5, coin sale will proceed to the next stage once the current stage has been sold out. (Total offering 1,500,000 coins)
-From ICO stage 6 onwards, each day will only sell 500,000 coins starting 14:00 UTC+0 (Total offering 7,500,000 coins)
-Maximum coin purchase limit per account = 300 coins each PRE ICO stage / 400 coins each ICO stage, subject to change depending on demand.
-Date shown in whitepaper for each stages are an estimation of duration, actual date for each stages depend on the run rate.
-Supreme Lending Program may launch 10-15 days after completion of ICO ahead of original roadmap.

1.   Supreme Lending Program with BITGLARE COIN (BGC) starting price at minimum $10. After ICO, new investors will have to buy from internal & external exchanges for Supreme Lending which will drive BGC price up. Once the BGC price in exchanges are more than $10, Supreme Lending BGC price will then pegged to the market price but shall never fall below $10.

2.   Initiate Strategic Price Stabilizing Mechanism to set BITGLARE COIN (BGC) minimum selling price at $8 in our internal exchange to stabilize the minimum price of BGC.

3.   Improving our volatility trading software to further benefits the Supreme Lending Program which yield up to 70% profit per month

4.   Expand BITGLARE COIN usage to feature smart contracts with online reward based shopping platforms

5.   Upcoming online casino utilizing BITGLARE COIN as digital chip

6.   Launching of BITGLARE COIN debit card to further enhance cash less worldwide shopping experience

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