What is BitStacksCoin ?

BitStacks Coin is a digital currency that habituates the cryptocurrency technology into creating perceptible investments, interests and transactions liberal of any government in the world. An instantaneous transaction keeps the balances current on the virtual currency, what is known as peer-to-peer currency. The beauty in this is that one earns just from holding BitStacks Coin or other means such as lending, working for them or gambling for BitStacks Coins. This technology un-banks an individual into financial freedom.


It pledges an authentic future in the financial sector of world’s economy.
Over years we have witnessed the growth of money from barter trade to what is commonly used now as mobile money. The world is set to make the currency more active, smoother transactions that are secure. BitStacks Coin’s peer-to-peer trait is empowered by the mentioned needs thus promising a financial future in the cryptocurrency world.
It is free from political involvement or any third party involvement. This type of encryption minimizes the chances of theft or fraud through BitStacks POW/POS (Proof of Work/Stake) which solemnly makes all transactions through the user and no one else. No one would even know how much you own but you.

Peer-to-peer transactions are current and instant. They are done online where one can lend the BitStacks Coin, pay for services or work done with no delays. One doesn’t need a third party to facilitate the transactions or validate them which makes it faster and reliable.
Currencies are secure with the simple reason that it involves no third party persons or organizations.

Minimal fed in currency which controls the cryptocurrency economy through mining which is a complex process of introducing more coins into the market. A scarce availability has an increased demand for BitStacks coins which in return holds value compared to other currencies.

Increased job opportunities that have been as a result of the many employers who are willing to pay with BitStacks Coins. This makes those in the BitStacks Community have added advantages to those without.

Investment policies such as banking of the cryptocurrency hold up to 120% return per annum. This means that an investor can simply earn through holding BitStacks Coin.
The fluid nature of currency enables one to always change the cryptocurrency into cash in scenarios where BitStacks Coin cannot be used.

Being the financial future, one had no reason to not to join the BitStacks Coin community as the registration process is easy with enough information about it. This is an opportunity for investors and individuals who seek to financial freedom and success.

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