FiCoin Invest In Your Future

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FiCoin Token

-Token Name: FiCoin
-Abbreviation: FiC
-Total Supply: 14 930 352
-Decimal Places: 5
-Presale Date: 13th of December

ICO Round 1 DATE: 21th of December
ICO Round 2 DATE: 5th of January
ALGORITHM: Ethash (Proof of work)

Presale: $0.34
ICO Round 1: $0.55
ICO Round 2: $0.89

FiCoin Referral Bonuses

We are trying to keep everything as simple as possible. It is the same with our referral system. When you share your personal referral link and a new user is registered from there, he will automatically join your referral list. Each  time a  user from referral list buys some amount of FiCoins, 10% of the amount will be added to your wallet at the end of the FiCoin sale round. 

Lending 2.0!!

Your are in control of your investment! No more locked up invest. This is huge!
Register now. Get your position ready for presale:
I send out this link already 2 weeks ago! Now I am in! Presale 0,34$!! Unique lending plan, u can withdraw your invest anytime!! HUGE!
Start 13th of December!


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