The FIRST & ONLY platform provides REALTIME TRADING SIGNALS Exacoin,

Exacoin brings a revolution to cryptocurrency market

Exacoin is a newly introduced cryptocurrency, a pioneer in exploring the potentials of more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies. Exacoincontinouslyenhances its value through the community.

We offerspecial solutions that allow investors to maximize profit from Exacoin and more than 1.300 other cryptocurrencies in the market.

a. Exacoin solves the problem of financial transparency in lending. 
b. Exa AI system analyzes and trades on more than 1,300 other coins as well as on Exacoin.

2.For traders

:Exacoin provides means and pioneering tools for traders on:

a. Signal solutions for buying/selling of any cryptocurrencies.
b. Smart trade applications on computers and mobile apps with the robust support from AI. 
c. Trade automation solutions on the cloud platform combined with Big Data.‬‏

3.For miners

:Exacoin provides totally new solutions for miners:
a. Professional miners earn EXA coins from powerful mega-computers.
b. Miners who are website programmers can also earn Exacoins using high-traffic websites.

4.For Newbies:

 Exacoin is simple and easy to acquire.
a. Exacoin provides simple technical solutions that everyone can access via mobile apps.
b. Exacoin can be exploited from websites, providing a powerful tool for webmasters to deploy and exploit their websites effectively.

5.For Exa AI:

Learning from the community, contributing back to the community
a. Exa AI learns trading behaviors of the community to adjust Exacoin price accordinglyso that the community is constantly expanding and developing.
b. Exa AI learns trading behaviors of the community to increase efficiency and to gain more profit when trading on major external exchanges, such as Bittrex, Poloinex, and so on
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