VONE New Lending Platform With Cold Storage Device Decentralized v-one.io

Coin Type: Pure PoW
Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt
Total Supply 21,000,000
Premined 6,200,000
2,100,000 Pre Sale 10%
4,200,000 Crowdsale 20%
12,600,000 Marketing & Development 60%
2,100,000 Team 10%
total supply 21 million

Amount Interest (daily) Capital Release
$100 - $1000 0.35 % daily After 199 days
$1010 - $5000 0.45 % daily After 179 days
$5010 - $10,000 0.65 % daily After 129 days
$10,010 - $100,000 1.10 % daily After 99 days

The lending plan is very simple and yet very profitable, better than any current lending systems today, What makes VONE lending system unique? the VONE lending system gives you the highest returns on your investments daily also you can withdraw your coins when the ICO period ends so you are not tied to any forced investments in out platform whatsoever.

You can also earn free VONE coins by simply getting your referral link and sharing it on social media or with friends and family whoever invests you get a certain amount of percentage of coins in your VONE balance ready for the ICO either to withdraw or to put it into the lending system to earn more profits on your VONE coins.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
5% - 3% - 1%

If you purchase a certain amount of coins you get additional coins for free below is the list of the investment of coins and how many free coins you get back.

Amount of coins Extra coins%
100 coins 1.50% extra coins
200 coins 2.00% extra coins
300 coins 3.00% extra coins
500 coins 4.50% extra coins
1000 coins 5.00% extra coins
7000 coins 7.00% extra coins
10000 coins 10.00% extra coins
What is the VONE device? the VONE device looks like a regular hard drive that allows you to plug it in into your computer or device and access your VONE coins, you can also store Bitcoins and Ethereum coins on your VONE device. The VONE device will arrive to your location when ICO ends it could  take 2 weeks for the device to arrive to you, after the ICO ends you will be prompted to fill in the correct details at your VONE dashboard we will then ship the device to you the next working day via DHL, however if you don't wish to provide us with your personal details you can ignore the request for the free device.

VONE will also release a source code so you can make your own cold storage device at home to store your coins, you will need a hard drive with space over 1TB to host VONE, BTC & ETH nodes.

Exchangers : Coinexchange / Yobit

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