New Lending ICO EPOS - Future Lending ICO

1.The EPOSTeam has developed a special high-frequency-trading-program ( called the „EPOSoftware“ ) that allows almost every person to make profit on the crypto market.                                                                                 
2.Normal trading softwares only analyze the surface numbers on exchange ledgers, but due to our innovative new methods we can provide remarkable results. We do not only take the information from an exchange´s ledger, but we also include and scan all the news on social networks. All the informations are combined in order to make the most accurate predictions for future price fluctuations.                                                                
3.Within this trading-program, EPOS is able to earn daily profits and pay the client up to 48% per month through the lending platform. The safety of your investment is EPOS’ top priority.                                                                           
4.  The tokens are reduced to the Pre-ICO by 50%.The selling price during ICO will be tiered, based on 6 separated sales, starting at 0,80$ per EPOS-Token, but the price per token will increase.                                                                         
5. Everything is Possible

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