EveryCoin (PreICO) (EYC) ICO

Aaron Jin

The Aaron Platform is a new financial platform that combines stable coin(TabiPay) with fluid value coin(EveryCoin) to solve the problems of blockchain speed and high variability of cryptocurrency.
We have redefined financial services and changed the paradigm.
Financial service will be transformed from a previous strictly graded, exclusively centralized systems to a decentralized, comprehensive and scalable systems.

The Aaron Platform applied the latest technologies containing stability, reliability and security by linking the Main Block Chain and the Side Block Chain using the open source decentralized technology of Block Chain 3.0 technology.

The Main Block Chain is EveryCoin, a liquid currency whose price fluctuates according to the logic of the market economy. Side Block Chain is a new technology that combines the latest technologies and innovative ideas applied to the ATM role such as payment, deposit, transfer, withdrawal, etc. in real-time by enabling TabiPay, a fixed currency to be linked with worldwide currencies

On the other hand, Token Bonus is shown below;

★ Pre Sale 1(2018.08.25~2018.09.20) : 1ETH = 100,000EYC + Bonus: 40,000EYC
★ Pre Sale 2(2018.09.22~2018.10.20) : 1ETH = 100,000EYC + Bonus: 25,000EYC
★ ICO(2018.10.25~2018.12.25) : 1ETH = 100,000EYC + Bonus: None

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